Intercontinental Cultural Exchange (ICE) is generally recognized as persons of just one nation visit yet another nation, to discover about a new tradition though exhibiting their possess lifestyle.

A common follow with educational institutions and youth organisations throughout the world, is to send out a handful of college students / youth from their region to a further place, and permit them to stay with area natives. When the pupils commence living in a house of absolutely distinctive lifestyle, they get to recognize and discover about a new society. Not long ago, I had my good friends daughter from Singapore who was preferred for ICE, and was despatched to Hong Kong. She experienced to decide on a community family members to remain with for a few of times. It is incredibly hard to speculate how a lot she would have learnt about the Hong Konger’s lifestyle in individuals two times.

Have you ever read of training dance to men and women of different language and nation? Very well, not numerous would have experienced the option to listen or see such accomplishments. Here’s a real story of a Dancer from Visakhapatnam, South India.

I have been dwelling in Hong Kong for almost a ten years now, and experienced often attended Indian Cultural Occasions / Festivals, Aarangetrams or Dance displays done by Indian Dancers and their Indian college students. But just lately, I was surprised to obtain a younger enthusiastic and passionate Kuchipudi dancer who operates for a reputed Yoga centre and teaches Bollywood and other kinds of Indian dances which includes Classical dance Kuchipudi.

He is a man or woman entire of dance enthusiasm and preferred to do a thing more than what he was assigned to do. Therefore, he took the initiative to educate the traditional dance Kuchipudi at this Yoga centre. Intially, there were very handful of learners, but the appreciate and enthusiasm for dance inculcated in them was escalating to new heights and numerous more started off mastering Kuchipudi dance. And now there are a lot more than a hundred students. The most remarkable simple fact is, all the pupils are Chinese and do not have an understanding of or converse the language – Telugu of Kuchipudi tunes.

To persuade his pupils into more mastering, he begun conducting demonstrates to execute in a standard fashion with all the costume and jewelry. This astounding, passionate dancer and choreographer is Hari Eranki, who is popularly dealt with as Master Hari Om by all his learners. Grasp Hari Om is just one of the exceptional dance masters who are able of performing both equally the standard and contemporary dances at the same time. He properly trained and taught various dancers in Hong Kong with utter dedication and enthusiasm which can be identified in the dance of all his learners who dance to the most effective of their spirits and to be joyful. His learners are now performing professionally as perfectly. His perform as a dancer, choreographer and dance grasp speaks for his talent, adore and passion for dance and his students.

Eranki Srihari Baladitya was born to Professors Late E.Nagamamba and E. S. Murthy belonging to a family of Musicians and Dancers. Less than the skilled advice of famous Guru Sri Pasumarthi Sitaramiah, an exponent of Kuchipudi dance, Hari Om began studying Kuchipudi at a incredibly tender age of 3 and began carrying out by the age of 5. His most prestigious achievements involve his participation in the 1994 and 1995 Worldwide Kuchipudi Dance Festivals in Mumbai and Hyderabad respectively, along with the likes of Swapna Sundari, Meenakshi Seshadri and other such excellent dance exponents. He also gained a scholarship from The Centre for Cultural Sources and Education in New Delhi to study Kuchipudi for 8 years. Subsequently, he obtained a Diploma in Kuchipudi dance from the Telugu University, Hyderabad in 1995.

Hari Om had revealed desire in finding out Kuchipudi in many traditions like Pasumarti tradition and Vempaty custom from the Kuchipudi Kalakshetra, Visakhapatnam underneath Smt. Bala Kondala Rao and Sri Hari Ram Murty for a interval of 3 a long time. He also learnt Bharat Natyam from Sri. A. Rukmaji Rao for a couple of several years from 1991 and Andhra Natyam and Perini Shiva Tandavam from Sri Nataraj Parameswaran for a few of several years from 1986 and attained a certification in Mridangam from the Telugu College, Hyderabad in 1999. He begun teaching dance at a incredibly young age of 14, when his mom experienced started off a Tunes and Dance university called Sri Gowthami Kala Vihara.

Hari was invited in 2003, to function in a Yoga Middle in Hong Kong exactly where he grew to become the trendsetter of Kuchipudi, Semi classical Indian dance and Bollywood types. His recognition as a trainer had prompted all the other yoga facilities to have this form of dance classes with all varieties of Indian dances becoming pretty common in Hong Kong. Hari has carved a specialized niche for himself amongst a lot of dance instructors in Hong Kong by offering quite a few performances and arranging shows apart from being the trendsetter of Indian dances in Hong Kong. The actuality that he can similarly instruct and choreograph each classical and contemporary/Bollywood dance kinds with equal finesse has supplied him a unique area in his college students hearts.

The Chinese students have created a passion to understanding Telugu, as it is their Master Hari Om’s mother tongue and Kuchipudi songs are in Telugu. My training working experience with them has been extremely enthusiastic and vivid, and am proud to say that in a span of few classes, they have previously started off speaking number of phrases and sentences. It truly is an amazing working experience, which has no text…

A further Classical dancer Learn Rajendra R.Nyathi is also one more well-liked Trainer in Hong Kong. He is an internationally acclaimed Artist of Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi and Bollywood dances as nicely. He retains a first course Master degree in Undertaking Arts and a receipient of JRF and the Countrywide Scholarshipsfor exceptional youthful artists by the Governmenet of India. He has served as Head of Section of Dance in some very well recognized Universities in INdia. He has travelled thoroughly in Europe, Uk, Usa, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand Russia, China and numerous Asian Countries.

Learn Rajendra has set up “Natya Yoga” a cultural organisation which is engaged with a want to provide and propagate Indian Classical and other artwork sorts to the environment. He also has motivated pupils and viewers of a numerous history and society. His dances are soulful, expressive,entire of grace, aesthetically really appreciative.

As a seasonal festival of Harvest, acknowledged as Sankranti in Andhra Pradesh, he began celebrating Sankranti because 2008, exactly where his learners complete Classical, semi-classical, and other dance varieties Choreographed solely by him. He has been a marvellous trendsetter for all dancers and also sets an outstanding illustration of Worldwide Cultural Exchange. The Hong Kong Telugu Samakhya feels happy in owning Hari Eranki and Rajendra R.Nyathi, both excellent Classical Dancers.

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