A single of the elementary concepts of Yoga/Qigong observe is that prana (power, everyday living-drive, qi) follows citta (brain, intention, focus). You can experiment with this, proper now, by closing your eyes (right after you study the relaxation of this paragraph!), and then positioning as a great deal of your focus/focus into one particular of your fingers (say, your still left hand) as you can: as you inhale and exhale, think of sending waves of appreciate or kindness or pleasure (or some other up-lifting high-quality) into your left hand. Breathe and target in this way, on your remaining hand, for a minute or two, or for a longer time … and see what comes about, see how the sensation in that hand begins to transform, as it “fills” with adore/pleasure/kindness. Maybe you may see it feeling a little bit warmer, or detect a tingling sensation, or a experience of heaviness, or a sensation of the fingers staying a little bit swollen. Probably that hand will start off to sweat, or sense cold or clammy. Every single person’s encounter will be distinct. But what our various activities will likely have in typical is that we’ll recognize that our remaining hand has turn out to be, pretty much magically, more “alive” ~ we’re capable to truly feel it in a a lot more apparent and fast way.

What we’ve just knowledgeable is “prana subsequent citta”: we positioned our brain/awareness/concentration (citta) on our remaining hand, which generated a flow of strength (prana) into that hand, developing new and extra potent feeling, of some type. We see this theory at get the job done in each individual facet of our life: when we are targeted on a thing (a undertaking, our work, a romance), our electricity flows into that activity, and it tends to grow …

Section of the course of action of a Yoga/Qigong follow, then, is to grow to be much more & extra aware of this system ~ of prana pursuing citta ~ so we are equipped to use it in methods that are supportive of our follow. One element of the “paradox” of prana & citta is that although this romantic relationship can provide us in highly effective & enjoyable approaches, it can also ~ when it’s functioning unconsciously ~ be our best nemesis. For vitality flows not only into fields/designs that we consciously select to concentrate on, but also into fields/designs of intellect/citta which we are unconsciously “focused” on, and as a result perpetuating/giving power to. These are the samskaras (previous-existence tendencies) which we function/engage in to unravel (make aware) in just the context of our observe.

Yet another paradoxical factor of this connection is that the inverse of the initial “method” can also be real, i.e. not only can “prana comply with citta” (the basis, for one, of Yuen Process work), but it can be also the situation that citta/thoughts can abide by (be affected or shaped by) prana/electricity. Which is why asana exercise, as very well as any kind of vitality-entire body “healing” (e.g. acupuncture or Reiki), can work not only to change our actual physical & pranic bodies, but can also, in the course of action, renovate psychological patterns ~ can change our whole outlook or “perspective” in a way which then (biking again to the first system) has new outcomes on our power-bodies …

So at the time we’re in a position, as practitioners, to convey human body, thoughts & breath (like a stunning golden braid) into a conscious relationship, what is the most skillful way to use this yogic axiom: prana follows citta (and citta follows prana)? And below, at the time once again, we come across paradox … On the a person hand, wouldn’t we want to select, usually, to concentration on and for that reason assist/”feed” only the “positive,” only what is “excellent” or balanced or nutritious? “Retain your head concentrated on the beneficial” is information that forms the core of numerous a yogi/yogini’s everyday existence and practice. Nonetheless if this is our only procedure, how will all those “destructive” designs (that are wreaking havoc from the unconscious planes of our existence) at any time be remodeled?

The Vietanmese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh presents the subsequent tips to his college students, on this level … When we are newbies, he suggests, it’s most skillful for us to give power to, to nourish & aid, what is healthy & balanced within just us. Especially precious to cultivate is what in Buddhist language is named the “electricity of mindfulness” ~ a roomy, vibrant “awakeness” (a absolutely-awakened citta). We use this vitality of mindfulness, then, to “contact” or nourish (to shell out loving interest to) all those “optimistic” features which we want to increase. And if, on a frequent basis, we are able to target our consideration on the beneficial, what we will observe going on also is that several of our “destructive” traits will ~ simply just by not currently being supplied our consideration, not being “fed” ~ pretty naturally dissolve …

But not all of them! Which is why as we become extra sophisticated in the observe, and our vitality of mindfulness turns into powerful, it is suitable to begin to use our power of mindfulness to “touch” (or invite into our aware thoughts) not only the “good” in just us, but also the much more “adverse” or “caught” factors of our bodyminds. So, for occasion, at this place ~ at the time our “mindfulness” is solid ~ we could choose to embrace, with our mindfulness, the psychological/emotional sample named “anger” … And to the extent that our mindfulness is robust, its electricity will start off to change, unwind, launch those people “anger” styles. Eventually, when our mindfulness is quite bright … simply shining its light on to these dim/stuck designs will be sufficient to “liberate” them, instantaneously. (Substantially like the “darkness” of a space is long gone completely as soon as we turn on a light-weight!)

And as our apply turns into fairly highly developed ~ our power of mindfulness really vivid, the braid of human body, head & breath really coherent, fluid & fluent ~ our Existence (woke up prana/citta) will start to have impacts not only on our “very own” bodymind, but also the bodyminds of these with whom we interact … a fantastic (although not usually right away “pleasurable”) gift we’re capable to give to “others” ~ a wonderful sort of service … Grown out of the resolved & un-fixed paradoxes of ….

prana follows citta

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