terms ANd Conditions


All registration orders are subject to Brotimtank Yoga’s approval. Inconsistent terms and conditions of the Customer’s registration order will not bind Brotimtank Yoga.


Course fees shall be in line with the pricing posted on the Course Fees page of the website and in force on the date of order registration. Brotimtank Yoga retains the right to modify these prices at any moment and without prior notice.

Once your Registration has been accepted, your spot in any Brotimtank Yoga course or retreat will be secured upon receipt of the full course price. Note that the course tuition includes a 750€ non-refundable application/administrative charge.

In order to facilitate your yoga studies, we offer the option of paying in instalments. For additional details email us at [email protected].


Before confirming your reservation, you must be 100% certain that you can make the dates and desire to complete the entire course. Students who wish to cancel their course registration prior to the commencement date of the Training Course may do so by email. Any refunds will be dependent on the day Brotimtank Yoga receives your written cancellation notice (see Refund Policy below). All deposits are Non-Refundable under any circumstances, all Administration Fees are Non Refundable under any circumstances.

Brotimtank Yoga is not liable for any cancellations, delays, changes, or losses resulting from acts of God, war and threat of war, airport shutdown, civil conflict, natural disasters, accidents, or any other occurrences beyond our control. This covers injuries, diseases, and medical or psychological disorders of trainees that occur during or after the course, as well as loss or damage to personal belongings.

In the odd case that Brotimtank Yoga cancels a training, workshop, or retreat, the whole cost will be reimbursed, or an alternate retreat or training placement will be given, depending on the circumstances. When a trainee cancels their enrollment for whatever reason, the enrollment deposit and/or administrative expenses are non-refundable. Transfer of deposit to another course is at the discretion of Brotimtank Yoga administration for extraordinary reasons (see Refund Policy below).

If a participant leaves out of a workshop or retreat after it has begun, there will be no reimbursement. (see below for refund policy).

Brotimtank Yoga is not responsible for flying costs in the case that training, seminars, or retreats are cancelled. The organisation is not responsible for airline cancellations, reschedules, delays, or additional travel fees.

Trainees maintain control and direction over all physical activities and take full obligation and accept the risk of damage, including physical injury and discomfort, as a result of their participation in program-related activities.

Brotimtank Yoga assumes no responsibility for any injuries or illnesses sustained by students during courses, seminars, retreats, or trainings.

Personal Liability

Although every precaution is taken, the consumer is completely responsible for his or her own safety, health, and well-being. At the time of enrollment and admission into the course, please inform the Brotimtank Yoga team of any known injuries, illnesses, impairments, medications you are taking, or anything else that may limit your ability to fully engage in the course. However, you are responsible for adopting protective measures/actions, i.e. if it hurts, causes discomfort or strain, do not perform it. The consumer bears full and exclusive responsibility for his or her own items and assets.

Before and after receiving training, products, or supplies, it is the customer’s obligation to notify Brotimtank Yoga of any changes to their address, phone number, or email address (i.e course correspondence components). Please be aware that our preferred mode of client interaction is via email, so please supply a current, valid email address.

Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement

  1. I am participating in Brotimtank Yoga’s Yoga Retreat/Teacher Training/Workshop, during which I will receive knowledge and training on yoga and wellness. I acknowledge that yoga includes physical activity that may be demanding and may result in bodily harm, and I am fully aware of the associated risks and dangers.
  2. I represent and certify that I am physically healthy and that I have no medical issues that would prohibit me from participating in the Yoga Retreat/Teacher Training/Workshop in its entirety.
  3. In exchange for being permitted to participate in the Yoga Retreat/Teacher Training/Workshop, I acknowledge to assume complete responsibility for any risks, injuries, or harm, known or unknown, that I may incur as a result of my participation in the retreat, including any and all activities done with the Yoga Retreat/Teacher Training/Workshop group, or as an individual.
  4. In payment of being authorised to participate in the Yoga Retreat/Teacher Training/Workshop, I knowingly, freely, and expressly waive any claims I may have against Brotimtank Yoga for any injuries or damages I may experience as a consequence of my participation. I accept complete responsibility for my actions and behaviour. I, together with my heirs and legal representatives, hereby eternally release, waive, discharge, and promise not to sue Brotimtank Yoga and its employees for any accident or catastrophe caused by any of my good fortune.
  5. Cancellation Policy – Brotimtank Yoga retains the right to discontinue participation at any moment and for any cause without prior notice. I am aware that registration fees are nonrefundable.

Refund procedure

The €750 administrative/application fee for TTC is non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances. If a trainee cancels their registration for any reason, the deposit is non-refundable. The transfer of a deposit to a different course is at the discretion of the Brotimtank Yoga administration for extraordinary reasons. (*) The Application Fee for Retreats and other events may vary.
If a workshop, training, or retreat is cancelled at least 31 days prior to its start date, the course price, minus the application and administrative charge, will be refunded.

Cancellation 6 to 30 days prior to the workshop, training, or retreat’s start date: 80 percent of the course money will be refunded, excluding the application and administrative charge.

No refund for workshop, training, or retreat cancellations between 0 and 5 days prior to the event date (or during the event). If the student desires to transfer to a future Brotimtank Yoga workshop, training, or retreat (within one year of the original event), 50% of the fee may be applied with the director’s agreement. Course Fee must be paid in full prior to the beginning of the event.

The final confirmation of the Course is due thirty-one days prior to the beginning date. Courses, retreats, and workshops may only be held with a minimum of 10 people. In the unusual event that the course is postponed or cancelled, Brotimtank Yoga assumes no liability. If you make travel plans prior to receiving this confirmation, we recommend that you subscribe to a cancellation insurance policy, since Brotimtank Yoga is not liable for any costs spent due to the cancellation of your trip.

Use of Photographs and Videos

Images captured during training, seminars, retreats, or classes may be utilised for promotional purposes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Flicker, You Tube, and the organization’s website, among others. By accepting to these terms and conditions, trainees provide authorization for the distribution of this information.

Brotimtank Yoga has no responsibility for the usage of photographs or films captured by trainees, teachers, or other trainees.

Photos and videos captured by participants during training are solely for educational and personal use. It is totally forbidden to share this information with third parties or for financial advantage without the express authorization of Brotimtank Yoga.

Utilization of Materials

Brotimtank Yoga owns all materials associated with any training, workshop, or retreat, including but not limited to the Yoga Teacher training handbook, the overall structure of the Brotimtank Yoga Website, Logos, Designs, Trademarks, and web page content. This information may not be shared with third parties or used for commercial advantage without the express authorization of Brotimtank Yoga.

Policy Alteration

These Terms & Conditions may be subject to review and revision.
Brotimtank Yoga has the right to review and modify these terms at any time. If modifications are made, they will be publicised on the website.

Program Modification

Brotimtank Yoga retains the right to modify the programme or curriculum and to pick teachers from a pool of eligible candidates based on availability per training.

Upon submitting the application and clicking the “Submit” button for any of Brotimtank Yoga’s programmes, you fully and voluntarily agree to said Terms and Conditions, the Waiver of Liability, and fully understand its contents, as well as acknowledge that you have read and fully comprehended the nature and consequences of agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. Do not advance with your application by clicking the agreement button if you have not read, understood, or agree to these terms and conditions.