Yoga Bandhas – The Inside Electricity Gates

[ad_1] Our everyday existence wastes all purely natural, effective, instinctive electricity, lifestyle power, from our bodies. Yoga bandhas or the internal electrical power gates information this stream of electrical power (prana) to the deprived locations (to replenish them) from the locations exactly where prana is blocked up or held back. Bandhas drive the strength in […]

Yoga Physiology: Nadis and the Electricity of the Entire body

[ad_1] Nadis: Pranic Power Channels of the System In a past article on Yoga Physiology, I wrote about the Pancha Kosha (the 5 Layers of Existence) and talked about the topic of Nadis or Vitality Channels. In this posting, I will focus on Nadis in a little a lot more detail. Be sure to don’t […]