Kundalini yoga is distinct path of yoga, which amongst other items can present a seeker great occult energy. Kundalini yoga seeks to open up the distinct charkas or energy facilities. If an aspirant is thriving he will be ready to have accessibility to these yogic powers.

The initial risk of awakening the Kundalini powers is that they can be effortlessly misused. If we open our third eye it is doable to read through other folks views and have a glimpse into the long term. Even so this energy can be simply misused, we could commence to glimpse at what persons are contemplating about, fairly than utilizing it for divine reasons we will use it for our very own egoist uses. If we do not have purity and genuine aspiration, gaining occult powers, may just give us a huge perception of satisfaction. We would enjoy exhibiting off to other people. By carrying out this we do not attain any divine traits of peace and internal pleasure. When we feed the moi we become very pleased and this can very easily direct to our downfall.

With Kundalini powers we may possibly get distracted from our most essential activity of self-realisation. Outer miracles and occult powers, which come from Kundalini yoga, do not assistance in in any case in our spiritual route of self-discovery. To achieve long lasting peace, pleasure and internal contentment we require to conquer the moi and find out to converse with God, our possess soul. If we only motivation occult powers it will slowdown and perhaps hamper our spiritual expansion. For a genuine spiritual Learn who has realised the highest consciousness the Kundalini powers typically arrive spontaneously. On the other hand they hardly ever use them outwardly because they know they have minor ability to result the transformation of man’s nature. To encourage aspirants to pursue a extra non secular lifetime what is required is internal religious realisation and not outer exhibits of miraculous powers.

As Sri Chinmoy claims:

“Even if we use Kundalini powers for the appropriate purpose, we will not likely be able to supply infinite Peace, infinite Bliss, infinite Light that way. No matter how several miracles we clearly show, the particular person who sees them will be pleased for only five minutes and then he will be jealous mainly because he does not have this electricity.”

There is a threat in Kundalini yoga we will squander our time. There is a great conventional Indian tale, which will help illustrate this stage. There were being 2 brothers who ended up practicing the religious existence. One particular brother made a decision he would go away to follow serious austerities so he could be equipped to obtain his Kundalini powers. Right after 12 years of intensive apply he arrived back to his village. He wanted to present his brother his recently gained powers so he walked across the h2o on a river. His brother simply just paid a boatman 1 rupee and joined his brother on the other facet. On finding to the other financial institution the brother said. “Why have you wasted 12 a long time to do a little something which I can do for just 1 rupee.?” The other brother realised he had been silly and not designed any genuine non secular progress in trying to find right after occult powers.

To observe kundalini yoga we want to have purity in our head and vital. If we still cherish worldly views and attempt to open up our electricity centers it will induce incredible confusion and our efforts will be wasted, as our electricity will be directed downwards fairly than upwards. If we truly want to exercise Kundalini yoga the finest method is to meditate and focus on the heart. It is in the heart wherever we will really feel purity in ample measure. Sri Chinmoy implies:

“If you desire to follow the path of kundalini, my humble tips to you is to initial attempt to awaken the heart heart. The heart center is considerably pure. The very important or disturbing emotions will be purified by the opening of this center.”

We should also adhere to the path of Kundalini yoga less than the steerage of a competent religious instructor. When learning Kundalini yoga we must sustain an attitude of genuine sincerity and reverence.