Immortality is best recognized in opposition to the qualifications of reincarnation. And though thinking about the dynamics of reincarnation, we need to in change watch this against the track record of ‘the 7 deadly sins’ and their reverse characteristics — their collective effects on the human soul/physiology.

The 7 fatal sins, and their opposites traits — in this article in brackets — are: delight (humility), envy (kindness), gluttony (temperance), greed (charity), lust (chastity), sloth (diligence), and wrath/anger (patience).

‘Sin’ below signifies ‘missing the mark’ — when our ethical and emotional compasses are out of synch with divine typical: the place each ‘sin’ has its own cyclically expressing mother nature by the physiology thus premature growing old and decaying of the organism before attaining immortality, primary to reincarnation.

But, of the 7 fatal or cash vices – funds from the Latin ‘caput’ meaning ‘head’ as opposed to heart — the most powerful element liable for most reincarnations is unquestionably the emotion of lust, the non-disciplined sexual dreams of carnal mind exercise.

The extremely phrase composition ‘re in’carn’ation’ consists of reference to carnal intellect – ‘carn’ or ‘flesh’ and its lusting wish mother nature.

The word ‘Reincarnation’, from Latin, interprets: ‘entering into flesh again’ or ‘put soul into flesh again’. The Latin term ‘caro’ that means ‘carnal’ translates ‘flesh’. Thus, reincarnation is, ‘(re)peat (in) carnality’, re-fleshing or, carnal soul re-coming into and inhabiting flesh.

In the course of action of conquering dominating lust — illicit or compulsive sexual exercise — the other six opposite character features tend to emerge, combine and solve naturally through capability of applied increased non secular being familiar with.

Reincarnation resumes from exactly in which the sin-karma or ‘urge seed’ motivation originated, which, for us, is earth earth. Every single reincarnation carries on from the standard of purified consciousness acquired in our past earth journey, till the lead to-cycle is damaged.

Reincarnation can be a mindful or unconscious decision. In other words and phrases, by intentionally clinging to perpetual ignorance-suffering — consequent of the seven fatal sins — we’re unconsciously stating a need of sustaining the position quo, stating ‘desire’ for additional duality existence, far more lesson discovering, extra getting old and decaying back on earth. So lengthy as unconscious ‘desire’ for unnatural contentment remains — perpetuated by ignorance of our true everlasting bliss character — reincarnation repeats indefinitely. Ultimately, liberation from cyclical rebirth is our individual choice.

But, must we consciously pick out – though in duality — a increased ‘afterlife’ existence, then this is facilitated by way of the observe of day-to-day meditation and transcendence, when the soul results in being freed from the perpetual cycle of rebirth, previous-age, carnal existence and reincarnation.

Matthew 11-28-30 places it: “Occur to me, all of you who are tired from carrying significant hundreds, and I will give you rest”. This verse of course is referring to this really issue of duality, or ‘heavy load’ existence, and the have to have of creating a trance-like converged consciousness. Such is how the soul transcends clinging cyclical carnality unto Non-Dual consciousness.

Capability in trance-like, single-minded awareness — in the region of intercourse transmutation — was the terrific solution applied by the ancients on their journey of reaching immortality, and carried on by several ‘lights’ of the modern-day era.

Committed Exercise

Getting set up in potential of sex energy transmutation consists of whole surrender of the ‘deadly sins’ nature for the period of time of each individual meditation.

Creating ‘ability’ usually takes fully commited day-to-day exercise. This is how carnal intellect becomes acquainted with, and recognized in, bliss contentment, the opposite good quality of sin: when ability of ‘urge-surge’ transmutation capability turns into as automatic psychological willpower. When, greater intuition – Holy Spirit — provides good avenues and channels for this innovative electrical power to categorical effective to the physiology, our solitary signifies-vehicle of gaining immortality.

Currently being tangible experiences, internal silence and stillness cannot be faked. Hence, an unwilling or non-committed head are unable to turn out to be adequately nevertheless – anchored in pure silence – to working experience transcendentally. Carnal brain is as if chasing absent the incredibly top quality compound which the greater soul intuitively seeks, that is, psychological freedom from compulsive ‘sin’ imagery designs.

Bear in mind, reduced carnal head does not desire peace and contentment. Its sole aim is destruction of all non secular qualities by indicates of managing the enjoyment-trying to find senses, building them as animalistic-like slaves to a dictatorship ‘sin-based’ carnal intellect.

Hence the senses, getting duty certain to provide the thoughts, will present mind with ANY mother nature of carnal, dehumanizing ‘junk pleasure’ scavenged from the soul-destroying menus of the ‘synthetic company mind’ — which goal, it looks, is making each and every soul an addict or, other-dependent.

Bible puts it: “It is really as tough for a wealthy guy to enter heaven as for a Camel to enter as a result of the eye of a needle” – Matthew: 23-24. “rich” listed here is referring to soul rust or contamination consequent of recurring sin-overlaying, in which ‘poor’ (egoless) is the opposite conventional.

In refusing to transcend ‘rich man’ position, carnal intellect demonstrates its decision of remaining duality sure, captive of the decreased-nature enjoyment-driven senses. In fact, ‘carnal’ is hardly ever completely ready for feeling-surrendering unto pure silence and stillness — in meditation — and the unavoidable existence alterations as soul recalibrates, rebalances spiritually. This where by government conclusion comes in — person conscience.

But, bear in mind, in essence, you are NOT the content material of carnal thoughts. These types of written content represents possibility for adjust: transformational gateways out of the stifling automobile need pattern of unending reincarnations into the unbounded realms of increased awareness. Carnality, hence, is implies of getting Moksha or soul liberation.

This provides us to the closing dynamic, of how this condition of liberation and immortality is realized.

Samadhi and conquering Lust

The Latin phrase ‘Re-ligion’ translates ‘re-binding’, while the japanese term, Yoga, translates unity of head, system spirit. In the same way, the Sanskrit term, Samadhi, translates: Sam (jointly/combine) a (towards) dhi (to get, to maintain). Hence, Samadhi implies, bringing collectively head and system to know Transcendent Spirit. Which include the Sanskrit, Nirvana, every single pertain to the very same inward course of action of transcending the cycle of reincarnation.

Samadhi consciousness — obtained as a result of recurring transcendence in meditation — so will become the soul’s means of liberation from recurring incarnations. It does so by reworking or purifying the lusting animalistic consciousness into a unified area of bliss, or tantric consciousness — a point out of ecstasy beyond regular human consciousness.

Kundalini Existence pressure

Found at the foundation of the spine in the coccyx location, kundalini, on awakening, rises upwards to the crown chakra at the leading head,

Currently being transformative, kundalini, upon growing upwards, ‘semenizes’ the mind whereby advancement in divine regular is initiated into consciousness – thus the term ‘Initiate’.

‘Semeninzing’ is introduced about in possibly of two approaches. 1, by transmuting seminal sex fluid by intense interior focussing – retention of semen’ — with two really like-building folks, or by one individual in tantric awareness on the kundalini spot in the coccyx though in deep meditation. This is termed transmutation of intercourse electrical power, when no semen is spilled.

Kundalini is additional liable for activating the body’s glandular program, which method is responsible for secretion of crucial growth hormones into the physiology, as a result making certain exceptional actual physical overall health minus premature decaying.

This internal exercise marks graduation of the ‘second birth’: human consciousness rebirthing from animalistic nature into cosmic orientation primary to immortality consciousness.

The phrase Purity

Transmuting sexual intercourse fluid is also the esoteric comprehension behind the white loin fabric wrapped round Jesus’ reduced modesty area on the cross. White, currently being the symbolism of purity, chastity, celibacy, is in this article referring to sublimation of the semen into anything nobler, much more refined in material.

The expression purity as a result is referring to containment of the precious everyday living-creating semen, that it is not spilled or squandered by implies of self-gratification satisfaction. That the semen bypasses the genital urge/spill-in excess of area therefore conservation of our eternal prosperity, immortality.

By means of this ‘purity’ point of view, the biblical expression ‘immaculate conception’ gets to be a lot more reliable to brain, in that, we now discern that all development is by some form of sexual activity, and that, such ‘activity’ does not always call for two individuals. That, supplying beginning to our larger religious Self necessitates only you in focussed tantric awareness. Two-men and women-sexual intercourse – if not for procreation — simply represents one more alternative to the similar tantric final result, that of mastering Samadhi. Temperature one or few, both of those methods demand culturing steadiness of concentration, plus culturing the nervous procedure into withstanding pure bliss.

The Next Existence and Immortality

Eventually, this single act of starting to be ‘born again’ spiritually reflects the innate ‘release from hell into immortality’ yearning of every soul.

Getting to be ‘born again’ thus, is how we each develop our following-lifestyle physique, that of immortality consciousness, which transmutation method — of soul gaining everlasting Existence — is carried out when on earth.

Once understood, that, carnality are unable to abide in Pureness, the next scripture can make fantastic feeling: John: 7:34 Jesus explained: “wherever I go (pure recognition), you (carnality) can not come, but I (pure consciousness) go (meditate) to put together a position (state of Samadhi/immortality) for you (inside consciousness).”

In other phrases, this ‘prepared place’ — of immortality consciousness — must be ready/created now on earth, in meditation, by usually means of 1st awakening, then setting up the kundalini life-force in consciousness. And, for it then to be lived consciously through the bodily nervous system — of this present body, –thus creating Samadhi everlasting in consciousness. Hence, immortality.

This earth human body supplies the dynamic via which the innately current immortality seed is germinated into mindful recognition. And, indeed, when Heaven or Immortality already exists inside of just about every soul as ‘image and likeness of God’, these Likely stays as dormant till come upon by way of sustained religious techniques such as every day meditation or Yoga.

Immersing the consciousness in pure silence hails baptism: absorption of the soul into Reality, Samadhi or immortality standing. Therefore release from the binding impact of ‘sin’ or duality existence, release from the bondage cycle of reincarnation: the cycle of start, demise and rebirth.





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