There are several reasons for people to perform yoga daily. Some of the people practice this type of exercise to enrich and improve their physical posture and strength, while some turn up to this form of workout to recover from their ailments and injury. But, there are also people who practice regularly to stay healthy and fit, while some consider workout as the perfect way to enlightenment. There are different forms of Yoga that are practiced by a large number of people globally today. Some of them are mentioned below. laser teeth whitening Southampton

Hatha Yoga: Hatha Yoga is the most widely and commonly practiced form of yoga and it is performed with an objective to maintain perfect balance between mind and body. This form of workout includes an ultimate amalgamation of asanas or physical positions, meditation, pranayama and breathing exercises. The primary aim of Hatha Yoga is to rejuvenate and refresh the energy channels which help your body to get rid from all types of chronic ailments. This form of exercise is further categorized into Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Flow Yoga and Bikram Yoga.

Karma Yoga: Karma Yoga is basically designed for people who want to attain selflessness, while offering their primary duties. When you regularly practice karma yoga, you will feel yourself disconnected from the end results and consequences of action. This form of exercise enables the practitioners to become process oriented and dedicated and focused towards their goals. It also brings freedom of soul and mind.

Bhakti Yoga: As the name suggests, Bhakti Yoga is the type of meditation that is mainly practiced by people to devote oneself to God completely. Smarana, Kirtana, Padasevana and Archana are some of the forms of Bhakti Yoga that are practiced to build a connection with Almighty.

Anusara Yoga: The meaning of Anusara Yoga is “following your heart”. It is widely practiced today in UK and USA and this form of yoga emphasizes on practicing the asanas with complete grace and dedication. The Yogis make use of specific alignment methods while practicing Anusara Yoga to refine and make the physical postures perfect.

Kundalini Yoga: The meaning of kundalini is energy that is basically originated right from the core of the spine. This is one of the powerful and different forms of workout because it includes asanas, mantra, bhakti and pranayama yoga. This form of exercise works by rejuvenating and awakening all the 7 chakras of your body, which are also known as the 7 centers of consciousness.

Raja Yoga: This is a form of mental exercise that incorporates different varieties of metal methods and techniques. The meaning of the term “Raja” means Royal and hence this form of exercise incorporates all four parts which are also called as Angas, such as,

• Pratyara: It is an abstraction of senses

• Dharana: It is the focus of mental concentration

• Samadhi and Dhyana

There are also other different forms of workout and each caters to the specific needs. Purna Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Sahaja Yoga, Heart Yoga and Laughter Yoga are some of the customized and popular forms of exercie that serve diverse objectives and needs. But, always start gradually and under the supervision of some experts.


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