About us

Brotimtank Yoga is a recognised charity that offers Traditional Yoga classes to the general public and yoga community.

Our Values

Brotimtank Yoga’s work is guided by two yogic principles: seva and dana.


In the yoga tradition, the concept of seva, which translates to selfless service, is a fundamental value. It is founded on the principle that working for others without hope of self gain is valuable. Karma Yoga, which literally translates to “way of action,” enables us to cultivate acceptance, appreciation, helpfulness, and generosity. The Bhagavad Gita defines Karma Yoga as “knowledge through labour.”


Donating to a worthy cause exemplifies the virtue of unreserved charity and selfless giving. Buddha taught Dana as one of the ten “perfected qualities.” Participants in our courses have the chance to acquire this trait through the act of donating in appreciation for the instruction. We operate our classes on a donation basis, with course fees covering expenses. Donations are used to run the organisation, provide bursaries for UK students, and fund philanthropic initiatives in India and the United Kingdom.