What 21st Century Chimney Sweeps Do Today

Those readers of a literary mind, often burying their heads in a good classic may have been called upon at some stage or another to exercise their literary or creative imagination, endeavoring to picture just how it was. Before the era of the Victorian age arrived, the first Industrial Revolution was in full swing. And before that epochal revolution was bound to change how people lived their lives and conducted their business, the chimney sweep was already hard at work.

It was he who had to be up at the crack of dawn, also working to long hours in the night to sweep pretty much every single chimney in the neighborhood. Well, those who could afford the pennies he was charging anyhow. The life of the chimney sweep was a hard one and no one could do without his hard work. They were heavily dependent on him so that they could enjoy a warm hearth and a good cooking fire.

chimney sweep maryland

Two hundred years or so later and the chimney sweep maryland rounds remain in full swing. By now, the book of business servicing Baltimore would have grown considerably, and that’s just one city. Well, only for those who are wise enough to know better. Those that know have come to realize that taking full advantage of their chimney is helping them to stave off high energy costs for the purposes of warming their homes during the winter months.

But to get that right, the chimneys must be piping clean. It also needs to be fully maintained at the best of times. Tiles still need to be fixed from time to time. And then there is the gentle removal of birds of a feather and their nest of eggs…